Naagin 2 11th December 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Rocky confronts Shivangi about her friendship with Rudra

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Rocky ( Karanvir Bohra)  then asks Shivangi ( Mouni Roy) whether she knows Rudra. Shivangi makes something which Rocky ends up believing and she heaves a sigh of relief. The family is wondering why Yamini has called everyone together. she then announces that Aaliya and Rudra like each other and she wants them to get engaged. They are all celebrating the occasion but Rocky, Ruchika, Shivangi don’t look too happy. At night, Rocky is wondering where has Shivangi gone at this time of the night. Shivangi is asking Rudra how he can think of marrying Aalia. Rocky is wondering who Shivangi is talking to. Rocky over hears the conversation and misunderstands badly. Shivangi doesn’t want Aaliya to get caught in their plot. Rudra tells her, he won’t let Aaliya come to harm. But shivangi makes it clear that Aaliya should not be harmed. Rocky is shocked! H can’t believe that Shivangi is cheating on him. But decides to confront at least once to make sure what he thinks is the truth. Ruchika is all praises for Rocky’s look, she then pines about her loneliness. That’s when Rocky introduces Ishan to Rudra. he then recalls it was rudra he had seen with Shivangi. Rocky’s mood complete changes and decides to get a drink. Ruchika worsens the situation, she disguises herself as Shivangi and goes into Rudra’s room to call him. Rocky’s suspicions are now confirmed. he’s heartbroken. Rocky tells his sister he has something to say about Rudra, when Yamini steps in and carries out the ceremony. Everyone is celebrating their engagement. Rocky gets livid on seeing Shivangi and Rudra dancing.

Shivangi then smses Rudra that it’s time to bring out the killer. Ruchika is very happy that her plan has worked about creating misunderstanding between Shivangi and Rudra. Yamini is speaking to someone about a Naagmani deal and makes sure Akhilesh has heard. Akhilesh is wondering who she has struck a deal with. And he decides to teach her a lesson. Shivangi has got Akhilesh trapped in a fog. Akhilesh is trying to escape but he is not able to. He gets scared. Shivangi casts a powerful spell that creates an earthquake, Akhilesh is terrified. But he saves himself. Shivangi is wondering how he saved himself. Rudra is wondering if he had a garuda Kavach too but she confirms this protection is of a different kind. That’s when Rocky confronts her and asks her why she is having an affair with Rudra. Rocky then confesses that he loved her with all his heart. He then asks her to convince him that she loves him. But she remains silent. She is surprised she is crying. she wonders if she is upset about being accused or about the fact that Rocky is hurt. Ruchika decides to step in and console, but Rocky leaves. Ruchika decides to rip apart Rocky-Shivangi’s relationship. Akhilesh tries to suffocate Yamini, she tries to convince him that she didn’t try to harm him. She knows he has a protective charm around him, she wants to know what that is. Yamini wants to know, she prods him further. Also Read: Naagin 2 10th December 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Shivangi, Rudra plot to kill Akhilesh

That’s when Akhilesh says we have to go Bharavnath Gufa. Yamini suggests they go right now to the Gufa to find out the the secret about his protective charm. Rocky then gives Shivangi divorce papers, asks her to sign them and leave. H tells her off and leaves the room. But that was NOT rocky, it was Ruchika! But Shivangi realises it’s Shesha because she notices her nail paint which is blue. Shivangi decides until the revenge plan is not complete, she won’t leave the house. Yamini and Akhilesh are at the Gufa, when Akhilesh shows her a tiny bracelet and she laughs and can’t believe somehting so small is that powerful when Akhilesh reveals its powers. There is a monster in form of half human, half protect Akhilesh.

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